Locks and ironmongery

Our doors & windows are fitted with highly secure locks while our ironmongery’s based on 15 years of careful testing & represents the best quality & value.

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You may not realise it, but there happens to be a huge range of locks and ironmongery out there.

Just so you know, we use high security locks, as standard, because we want peace of mind they’re going to provide maximum security. While our carefully curated ironmongery is based on 15 years of testing that represents the best quality and value.

Timber casement windows locks

All of our timber casement windows are fitted with a multipoint lock that’s discretely hidden away inside the casement.

Historically, casement windows only lock in the middle with a handle, but this new system (our way of working) means they can be locked in 2, 3 or 4 different points, depending on the size of the window.

Other companies will put a tiny lock on a large window, but it’s just not the correct way to do things. We make sure each casement is fitted with the correct sized lock for maximum security. It also helps make sure the window closes snuggly against the draught seals.

French door locks

Traditional French doors are larger casements with one main difference, the lock.

Larger doors call for larger locks that are stronger and in proportion to the door they’ve been fitted to.

Our traditional French doors incorporate multipoint locking in three different places and the cylinder (where you insert your key), is specifically designed to provide a higher level of security. It’s incredibly difficult for people to break in through the cylinder or pick the lock.

Timber sash windows locks

The lock is hidden away on timber casement windows and French doors, but this isn’t the case with timber sash windows. The locks are actually part of the ironmongery.

And instead of using an actual lock with a key, there’s a push lock. This keyless system means that you don’t have to keep finding your window key every time you want to open a window.

With this type of lock, you can also lock your window in the zero position, which means the sash can’t be lifted and is therefore secure. As well as push locks, we also use:

  • Metal ball bearing pulleys
  • Fitch fasteners
  • Two lifts

Timber casement windows ironmongery

Casement window ironmongery is straightforward. Basically, the Espag handle operates the lock that’s hidden inside the casement.

Meanwhile, the stay can be used to hold the window open in several positions and the locking pin can be used to keep the window open or securely lock it.

French door ironmongery

Traditional French doors just have a handle and cylinder, that’s it.

We offer one type of handle, but can source any handle you like. We always try our best to match the cylinder to the finish of the handle too for the best end result.

Ironmongery finishes

All of our standard ironmongery sets come in satin chrome, polished chrome and polished brass. However, if you prefer another finish, antique brass, oil rubbed bronze or nickel, for example, we offer a range of Croft ironmongery.

Each piece is handmade to order and takes around 5 to 6 weeks to create, but it looks amazing and is well worth the short wait.

Whatever you have in mind, we can make it happen. You may already have something you’ve already purchased from elsewhere, and if this the case, we’ll work hard to incorporate it within the windows or doors we’re making for you. Or maybe you’ve seen a picture of a handle you really like or aren’t 100% sure what to choose? Either way, we’ll work with you to provide you with something that’s exactly right.