Installing timber sash windows & traditional French doors

Our installation team works with the utmost care & pays the closest attention to detail when installing your timber sash windows & traditional French doors.


There are so many small details that make all the difference when installing timber sash windows and traditional French doors.

Period properties are sometimes hundreds of years old, so you never know what you’ll find when you take out the existing windows or doors. From floor to ceiling, there’s always something to look out for.

That’s where our team of experience installers comes in. Trained by Todi himself, our fitters have the knowledge and skills to deal with any problems that arise with the utmost care, honesty, transparency and achieve a beautiful finish that’s in keeping with your property.

Here’s an overview of how we work when it comes to installing traditional French doors and timber sash windows:

Protect your floors

Our fitters cover all of the working spaces in the house to protect the floor from dust, dirt and debris. Where there’s carpet, we use thick carpet protection film that runs all the way to the skirting and put dust sheets under the windows and doors. On wood and stone floors, we use 2mm thick corrugated boards that protect the flooring from being damaged.

Protect your furniture

Windows usually tend to be on one side of the room, which means we don’t need to use the other side. In these circumstances, we put plastic screens up to protect the other side of the room from dust. We also move any furniture behind these screens. And if we can’t do this for any reason, we cover the furniture with plastic sheets and sometimes dust sheets too, just to be safe!

Remove the rubbish

If we’ve parked just outside the property, the rubbish from the fitting (the old broken windows and doors) goes straight into our vans. If we’ve parked a bit further away, we leave the rubbish on top of a dust sheet outside and then load it on to our vans at the end of each day. Once we’ve removed all of the rubbish, we sweep up after ourselves.

How to make sure your installation goes as smoothly as possible

In our experience, the smoothest installations are based on good communication between us and our clients. We like to establish this even before we’ve starting work, for instance, by clarifying if you’d like us to match your windows and doors to any mouldings or architraves or the best route in and out of your property.

1. What we like you to do before we arrive

Put anything that’s particularly valuable or fragile away in the corner of the room that’s furthest away from the windows or doors that are being replaced. If you have a burglar alarm, please make sure you turn it off before we arrive (especially if you’re not going to be in!) If any cables need to be moved or cut through, please let us know ASAP. Basically, the more information we have about the area we’ll be working in, the better, so we can plan for any potential issues and overcome them.

2. Where we start

We usually start from the top of the property and work our way down to create as little disruption, dust and dirt as possible. If you’d prefer us to work differently, let us know and we’ll adapt our approach to accommodate your needs.

3. What you should do once we’ve gone

Unfortunately, one element of the installation we don’t take care of is re-decorating. We do leave things as tidy and as neat as possible, but we don’t paint the walls around the windows to match the colour of the walls. Likewise, on the outside, if there’s rendering instead of brick, we don’t paint the render. If you would like help with this work, we’re more than happy to recommend a trusted decorator to you, who we’ve worked with for many years.

4. The situation with snagging

You may find that you have some small snags you’d like to flag to us during the installation, which is fine. If they are large snagging issues, please do let us know about them straight away! But if they’re only minor issues, please just let us know about them on the final fitting day.

Oh, and don’t worry if there are any snags after we’ve gone. We’re happy to come back until you’re happy with the result. We’d love it if you could put your snags into a list for us, and if you have any pictures of the snags you can share with us, even better!

A final few words about our installation process….

The reason why we’re so popular when it comes to fitting timber sash windows and traditional French doors is that our installers work carefully and efficiently. Progress is quick, and homes are left clean and tidy after every visit. If any unforeseen problems arise, our experienced team has the skill to tackle them without any stress and always with a smile on their face!