Draught proofing timber casement windows & traditional French doors

We use draught seals that are the best on the market. What’s more, our machines and tooling are all set up to work with these seals. Learn more right here.

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Picture this….you’ve had a hard day at work. All you want to do is sit and read a few chapters of your favourite book.

Sitting by the window is a must because of the natural light, but you can’t enjoy your book because there’s a cold draught blowing right down your neck. Not ideal, is it?

The most effective way to keep draughts at bay

Unfortunately, the UK is cold, wet and windy most of the time.

Draught seals are the most cost effective way of keeping heat inside your home and pesky draughts out! They also help reduce condensation and damp and the amount of outdoor noise you hear inside.

There are literally hundreds of different draught seals, in all shapes and sizes. Some are designed to be used by manufacturers and others can be applied to existing timber casement windows and traditional French doors.

They all share the same underlying purpose…

….to keep cold air and water out.

What we use to draught-proof our customers’ homes

We use draught seals that are the best on the market and our machines and tools are all set up to work with these seals.

While they may cost a bit more than other draught seals, they deliver superior results and are made to last.

We work with 3 main seals:

1. AQ21 seals – is a foam seal that goes around each of the sashes. While other companies use 1 seal, we run the foam seal twice around each sash. This helps reduce draughts, keeps noise out and means your sash windows open and close much more smoothly.

2. Brush seals – fit between the sashes, meet in the middle and work in a much tighter gap, leaving less space for any draughts to penetrate through.

3. Deventer SPV seals – are used for timber casement windows and doors. They fit around the entire frame and create an airtight seal when the window or door is shut. They’re made from rubber and are easy to clean and replace and retain their shape. (Note: misshaped seals are a no-no because they are gappy and let draughts in!)

Most seals are white, but the 3 we work with are available in a few different colours. We colour-match your seals so that they blend in with your timber casement windows or traditional French doors.

Why draught proofing is so important

We cannot stress to you enough how important adequate draught proofing is. Some of our customers have had to go through the hassle and expensive of replacing their windows and doors because they’d become so draughty.

In fact, one customer’s 4-year-old daughter couldn’t sleep in her bedroom because it was too cold and was affecting her breathing. Fortunately, that’s no longer the case. We changed the windows and fitted them with our draught proofing, which means no more sleepless and uncomfortably cold nights.

What’s more, our draught seals give that little bit extra by also being geared up to help reduce street noise. Because who doesn’t want a little extra peace in life?